If you registered to vote in 2008, you MUST register again in order to receive your absentee ballot!

In previous years, registering to vote in US federal elections was something that many states only required you to do once.  After registering once, you  received an absentee ballot in the mail for each federal election in which you were eligible to vote.  This is no longer in effect!

Now, according to a new law, American citizens residing abroad who wish to vote in the 2012 presidential elections are required to register again in order to receive an absentee ballot.    Some cite the State of California as an exception, because you can now register and receive ‘permanent absentee status.’  However, if you did not register and receive that status during the previous elections, you will not receive a ballot in 2012, even if you voted.

So, all Americans – Californians alike – need to re-register in order to vote absentee in the 2012 elections.  You can do it in less than two minutes at ivoteisrael.com. Questions? Email us at shira@ivoteisrael.com.

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